Iced Vovos – Online Class is coming…

Are you looking for a Christmas/Holiday Present?

How exciting to have a new interesting piece to stitch over the Holiday Season, given with love to you by a loved one,  or to yourself.

Design size 25 x 16cm

A new Mystery Online Class:    ‘Iced Vo Vo’s’

Registrations  Open 1st December

Close 30th January 2018


Iced Vo Vo is a totally counted piece of needlepoint.  No lines pre drawn on canvas.

What is this piece called I can hear some of my US friends asking?

Iced Vo Vo’s are a biscuit (cookie) loved by Aussie children of ALL ages.

I have wonderful memories of hot summer’s day on the beach with my   much loved grandma sharing a cool drink and a little biscuit treat.  When I was a child, a bought biscuit was a real treat, my mother cooked all our biscuits and cakes.

Yes, Iced Vo Vo’s  are still available and yes, my waistline has increased slightly as  a result of buying a few packets to ‘photograph’.


Visit the Online Class section on my web site or Etsy Shop

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