NEWS: Workshops 2017

Monday Afternoon’s

I will be returning every few weeks to Launceston to stitch with my regular group.

Learn Embroidery Stitches

My new Council (Shire) offer a range of lifestyle classes and I have been offered to join their list of tutors.

We are offering a Beginners to Embroidery Class, two hours for three weeks. In this class I teach a range of basic embroidery stitches.  The students will write the name of the stitch on the fabric, then work the stitch.  It is a great piece for future reference. These classes are programmed for late May.

Needlework Cruise

From Mid April I will be joining many enthusiastic embroidery students and tutors and as we Cruise from Sydney to Singapore. I am teaching Jacaranda, Camellia Biscornu and Daffodil Mini Box Cushion.

All Threads    Brisbane    15th and 16th July  – more details next Blogg