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This delicate blanket is worked in hand-dyed threads on wool cashmere.

The design pack for ‘Elodie’ includes a line drawing of this piece of embroidery. When you stitch this design you can follow my placement guides or made some adjustments to give this piece of work your own flair.

Sixteen of our favourite stitches are used in this piece including French knots, whipping, feather, chevron, fly, cretan, lazy daisy, chain sheath, stem etc.

Eucalyptus flowers dance across the blanket. I love the ballerina effect the many stamens of the flowers give. Our Australian native Eucalyptus or commonly referred to Gum Tree vary a lot in height and shape, so do their flowers and leaves, allowing embroiderer’s a lot of freedom.  Relax and enjoy stitching this design.


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