Floral Embellishments


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Aimed at the beginner through to the expert.


All styles of garments have been embellished with silk ribbon or embroidery wool. Elegant hollyhocks worked on the pocket of a bought shirt, a small scattering of roses on a child’s top, irises growing in a row around the yoke of a sweater are just some of the 23 project ideas in this book. Teddy’s have even had their vests embroidered!! Projects may take only an hour or so to stitch or many many hours like the infamous Rose Jacket with hundreds of roses and rosebuds tumbling from the neckline of a luxurious blue velvet jacket. A pull out placement guide for the projects, or part of the projects is in the centre of the book. Use this book as inspiration for your own designs. My guidelines for embellishing , washing and wearing. Included in all books is a guide for needles, fabric, ribbons and threads, stitch glossary, detailed step by step instructions for you to create your own flowers.

36 Pages


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