Molly and Polly


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The Joys of Lambing Season:

Last Spring, I was enjoying assisting my late father with the lambing of his few special ewe’s.

It was no effort for me to go into the paddock at 10pm, on a moonlight night and give Molly her last bottle for the day.

Like all animals, lambs have a personality of their own, therefore the idea of this book developed.

I took many photographs of the lambs, it was hard to select the few needed for the book.



I have been wanting to write a children’s book for more than 20 years,

Many of my friends and family members are moving from their childhood ‘home on the farm’ to towns and cities

Molly and Polly is a book that I hope rekindles fond memories of childhood days.

Both country and city children ‘love reading’ this book.



Molly and Polly are eventually weaned and have to learn to grow up with their friends, without their mothers to help them.

With the farmers help the lambs learn new things, for example,  where to get water from when they are moved into a new paddock, just like children have to learn where to go when they start school or a new school. One of my friends has purchased a few copies of Molly and Polly to give to children who are learning new things at school.

This book is education: what a mother sheep is called,  how a ewe can count her lambs if she has triplets, the list goes on.


Order and enjoy Molly and Polly.



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