Pastel Azaleas Thread and Bead Kit


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Design size approximately 15cm x 15cm or 6” x 6”. Ideal for the beginner through to an expert.


Clear instructions and coloured life size pictures of the foundation stages of this design makes it ideal for a beginner.  A multi coloured thread quickly makes a dazzling outer border, with many many French knots creating the triangle garden beds.  The central red azalea is the focal point of this design.

Stitch Glossary: seven canvas stitches are detailed

About this design: Didn’t like the strong jewel colours of the 1st Azalea design??  then this softer coloured piece may suit you better.

Tudor gardens with their formal layout was the inspiration for this classical and very popular design.

I have worked this design many times as a gift for family or friends.  For my god-daughter Alexandra, I exchanged the green lawn and paths for 2 shades of blue and replaced the red flowers with pink ones.  Tiziana’s request of colours was a dominance of pink and jade, so jade ‘box hedges’ surround the pink flower beds.

How can I use this design:
This series of small creative canvas pieces can be made into a pocket purse ie a small bag with a long ‘handle’  that is worn as a shoulder bag, framed, made into the centre piece of a ‘green bag’, a small box cushion, the centre piece of a cushion, glued onto the cover of a blank book /folder or glued onto the front of a small concertina office storage system.


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