Published Books

Flexible, forgiving and individual, equals the delights of stitching with silk ribbon and wool.

Each stitch,  flower and leaf will be created in its own way when embroidering with silk ribbon and wool.

Today the range of hand dyed silk ribbon and wool threads allows our pieces of embroidery to take on a very individual and creative format, with no extra work from the stitcher.

Publishing History

My students and customers encouraged me to design and write books on silk ribbon.

In the early 1990’s there were so few books on silk ribbon, the flowers I created were admired and loved by my students and customers.

As many of my customers were from country regions of Australia, and could not always go to classes I wanted my books to be very easy to understand and to be presented in a ‘teach yourself’ format. The co-operation of the production team achieved this goal.

The publication of my books then allowed me the great privilege of travelling within Australia and overseas – sharing my passion by teaching and attending trade shows.

During my many trips to the USA my students started to request more flowers worked with wool threads. An Encyclopedia of Wool Embroidery was the result of these requests. In respect of the many many embroiderers I came in contact with on these visits I included a chapter on North American Wildflowers to compliment the Australian Native Flowers.