Winter Garden Kit

Winter Garden Kit

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I will also be teaching this design for Devonport Embroiderer’s Guild Tasmania

August 30th, 31st and Sep 1st

A mid winter walk on a very frosty morning, along a farm laneway was the inspiration for this design.


Winter Garden Kit

Winter Garden is worked in collection of white threads, 13mm silk ribbon and pearls.

When viewing this design it can be interpreted in various ways:

  1. Winter: A winter garden with sunlight glistening on a fresh fall of light snow or a frosty morning.
  2. Summer: A summer garden full of white flowers in bloom.
  3. Wedding: A Wedding Gift, by adding names and dates.

Over sixteen needlepoint and two silk ribbon ‘flowers’ are intertwined into this piece.

Four styles of couching are worked into the inner beds.

Classical brick, mosaic and upright cross stitches are stitched with a mix of perle cotton and ‘fuzzy’ threads, helping to create the patterns of the garden beds.

The boarders of the beds are created by whipping with Very Velvet or couching textured threads.

The subtle sparkle of Tiara thread is stitched to form the delicate ‘lacy’ edge.

13mm silk ribbon is gathered in two ways to make the ‘flowers’.

Quality Japanese pearls and silver lined beads are the finishing touch to Winter Garden.

The various sizes of Persencia perle cotton and subtle sparkle of the threads selected are all fun to work with.