Glass House Fuchsias

Needlework Cruise – Sydney to Seattle, May 2018

Needlework Cruise

Sydney to Seattle   22nd April to 14th May 2018

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Glass House Fuchsias

Needlework Cruise - Sydney to Seattle 2018The island state of Tasmania has a wonderful temperate climate.  Some plants will thrive better if they are in glass houses.

When I was designing and stitching my silk ribbon book Fuchsias in the early 1990’s I would very frequently visit the wonderful Fuchsia Glass House at the Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart.

This was the inspiration for this design.

The panes of glass, especially in a old glasshouse reflect light in various subtle ways.

I had great pleasure in stitching variations of traditional needlepoint stitches and working with variegated and fine threads, allowing some of the canvas to show through.

The Fuchsia flowers are created with 13mm silk ribbon, and ‘just dance across the design’.

Kreinik  metallic threads is used to stitch the stamens.

Students who have no previous experience of working with silk ribbon are welcome in this workshop. The Fuchsia flowers will all ‘grow’ with their own personality, allowing each student to create their own interpretation of this piece.

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